I Am a Badass (?)

Last year was the first year I set a reading goal on my Goodreads account.  I fell one book short of my fifteen book goal.  While I didn’t set a formal goal this year, I wanted to increase my reading and decrease the amount of time spent surfing on my phone.  I’ve done this in several ways.  We created a reading nook upstairs.  It is Liam’s favorite place to read.  We make trips to the library and hit library book sales to ensure that we always have plenty of books.  I started carrying my Kindle in my purse.  When I am waiting somewhere, I would read a few pages rather than scrolling Facebook.

My latest book is You Are a Badass, by Jennifer  Sincero.  A good friend recommended it while calming me down the day I wimped out of the obstacle skills class.  I ordered it that afternoon.  I read it in chunks, loving her quotes and practical advice.  My husband was so patient on the train ride to New York when I interrupted his book every few minutes to read a line.

My biggest takeaway from the book is the need to set specific goals.  While I set goals in my mind, I don’t make them concrete and known.  As Sincero notes,  this does not make it a goal.  With this in mind, Michael and I set our goals for the upcoming school year. I have been working with him on perseverance.  This was a great opportunity to remind him it learning is a process and it often takes several times to succeed.



  • Learn times tables
  • Make first communion
  • Go another school year without having to see the principal’s office
  • Earns A’s and B’s in all of my classes
  • Complete Cannonball Alley at ninja skills class
  • Finish reading Harry Potter


My Goals:

  • Stay at least one project ahead of my planning at school
  • Run three miles in 36 minutes
  • Plan a trip to New York City so Michael can see the Statue of Liberty
  • Hold a handstand for 30 seconds
  • Include a date night with Mike once a week, even if it is an at home date watching Big Bang Theory reruns on the couch
  • Read twenty books in 2017



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