Just Like That, It’s Over

Getting my classroom ready for the new year is one of Liam’s favorite activities.  He loves coming to my school and helping me get ready for “my kids.”  Yesterday was our big setup.  Every year, I add to my classroom.  The couch is new this year. To say I love my classroom is an understatement.  Being blessed with a huge space, I am determined to fill it up and make up warm and inviting as well as conducive to learning.

This left Liam and me with one day to ourselves.  Friday is our annual trip to the Boston Museum of Science that we take after my husband gets out of work.  Today was our last day with just the two of us.  I must’ve asked him five times to decide what he wanted to do, expecting requests visit the beach, zoo, or other fun activity.  Instead, he asked to go to the library and finish up their summer reading program.

“What else do you want to do?”

“Uh, go to The Nook?  It’s my favorite morning place.”

“Anything else?”

“Can we ride our bikes to the beach?”

And there was our plan for his perfect last day with his mama.

And it was a perfect day.  We both earned our last prizes from the library’s summer reading program.  We walked through Main St and stopped at Liam’s favorite coffee shop.  I even bought him one of their shirts.  We rode our bikes to a little public access beach less than a mile from our house.  Seriously, how lucky are we to have a small, undiscovered beach so close to us?  We dug holes and played with hermit crabs and snails.  On the way home, we stopped at a convenience store to buy an ice cream sandwich, which we shared at a park across the street.


I cannot say enough good things about our local library and their summer reading program!


He prefers the bottom of the muffin and gives me the crunchy top pieces.  Best muffin sharer ever!



Often, I finish summer wondering if I’ve done enough with him.  Did we read enough?  Did I find enough ways to make him use his mind?  Did I play with him enough?  Did we visit enough playgrounds?  Did I surf on my phone too much? Did I use the reciprocal benefits of our Museum of Science membership enough? Days like today remind me that this is not what summer is about to Liam.  My kid is happy drinking juice and sharing a muffin with me at a coffee shop.  He is happiest when I get in our small, inflatable pool and splash with him.  I hope that Liam grows into an adult who is still happy with such simple pleasures.  I hope that he is happy going for walks and simply being with people he loves.  While I hope he remembers our bigger day trips and adventures, knowing that he seeks out simple times with me and my husband lets me know that we are doing something right.


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