10K or Bust?

Most of my runs stay in the three-mile range.  I know I could run farther, three-miles fits my schedule and ability. In group runs, we often talk about completing longer races.  Many complete 10K and 10 milers regularly.  It seemed like a distant dream for me.  Then I remembered that running three miles used to seem impossible.

Registration for the  Ocean Road 10K opened today.  A lot of the Rhode Runner group participates.  I know there will be a lot of support and friendly faces there.  The race isn’t until September 2018, allowing a lot of time to prepare.  Being a worrywart, I looked up last year’s results.  There few almost 1400 runners; at my current expected pace, I should be faster than 200 of them.  I have over ten months to get stronger and faster!

Yesterday was my first run in the suddenly cooler weather.  Wow, it was terrible!  I just thought that wearing longer pants and sleeves would be enough.  My lungs burned!  That was an expected surprise!  After doing some reading online, I learned that keeping my neck warm should help; Target sells fleece scarves that will do the trick.  Running in the cooler weather required changing up a few things.  I was not expecting my nose to start running fast than the rest of my body and my arms to get so cold.  After maintaining paces in the low 12’s, I was back in the low 13’s.  To face this new awkwardness, I signed up for a Thanksgiving morning race in Maine.  I’ll miss running with my friends at the local race; I’ll still be able to get in a race and enjoy an extra treat that evening!

Just like all of the challenges life throws at us daily, running in the cold will be a fun new one!  It will take some adjustments, but I will get where I need to be!

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