The Mondayest Tuesday Ever

Monday can only be categorized as a comedy of errors. It started off great! I woke up before my snooze when off, Liam and I made great time getting ready and out of the house to walk Banjo. Banjo was well-behaved on his walk. During our walk, a second button fell off my coat. I managed to find the button and planned to take it to the tailors after school to have them put back on. It’s going to be warmer for the next few days so I can go without my heavy winter coat.

We have a great routine in the morning.  Liam takes Banjo outside and plays with him while I put lunches together and do the last few things around the house before we head to school. My plan to quickly put clothes in the dryer turned into a debacle. I couldn’t find the first lost button. They were major problems, but they were slowing me down and getting me frustrated.

Because it was warmer, I did not go outside and warm up my car. When it was time to walk out the door, I proudly remembered ice cream I had to bring with me that morning. Because I had been used to starting the car early, I was used to not grabbing keys on the way out. It wasn’t until I got to the car that I remembered the keys were on the hook inside the house.

We kept a spare key under a rock in one of our flower beds. Because Banjo has been running all over the yard, he knocked over the rock and dug up dirt in the garden. I could not find the key. I called Mike’s best friend, who lives one street over from us. He had already left for work. I continued to search, but finally gave in and called Mike, who immediately left work. I kept searching, eventually remembering we have a metal detector in the sunroom. It took about five minutes because the nails in the fence kept giving false readings, but I found the key after fifteen minutes of searching.

Through all of this, Liam was amazing! He kept me calm, even when I wanted to cry out of frustration.

After school, I called a local shoe repair about my boots.  I dropped them off five weeks ago to be resold with the promise that they would be ready four days later. It’s been over five weeks now and I’m getting ignored calls, unanswered messages, and when I stop in the shop, excuses. The owner has already cashed my check; I just really want my boots. I wish he had just admitted he didn’t have time to do them when I dropped them off to be repaired.

For months, I have tried to have at least some of my student loans forgiven. In February, I was told I was all set as long as the school department verified my position. Yesterday, I received a letter saying it was not going to happen.

So it was the Mondayest of Tuesdays. When Mike got home, I told him I was eating a mug cookie for dinner. No regrets. Well, none at the time.

Here’s the thing about Monday Tuesdays: they help you put things in perspective. As I played with Liam and Banjo outside, the warm sun assured us that spring is finally arriving. We went for a long walk with Banjo and enjoyed each other’s company. I went to yoga, laughed with my friends, and accomplished a more difficult than usual workout. I returned to snuggle on the couch with Mike and Banjo before climbing into my warm bed for the night. Yes, it was not a perfect day, but I am still a pretty lucky person.

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