Confession Time

While training with the Beginners Running Group (BRG), I was running three times a week.  I also took two yoga classes weekly.  The first thing I noticed is that I was much tighter once I started running.  Poses that I was able to do became strained and sometimes impossible.  After ten years of practicing, I enjoy that I am finding ways to challenge myself.

A few weeks ago, I began taking classes at my son’s gym.  He takes “ninja skills” class at an obstacle course gym.  I’ve always wanted to try one of those obstacle course races.  None of my friends are interested and I didn’t want to do it alone.  After talking to a woman who works at the gym, I decided to sign up for classes myself and sign up for an obstacle course race.   Through the years, I’ve taken various aerobic and weight classes.  I’ve even taken Insanity classes.  The classes at this gym are very different from the classes I have been taking.  I’ve enjoyed feeling sore in areas that hadn’t been challenged in the past.

I’ve been taking these weight classes two to three times a week as well as adding a third yoga class.  I went on vacation two weeks ago and have been enjoying summer vacation with my son.  Our wedding anniversary was last week.  Although my husband said I could attend running club, I would never dream of doing such a thing.  In the past two weeks, I have only run twice.  One was a three-mile run while on vacation.  The other was just under two miles in excessive heat.  I could not get myself going until noon.  I paid for that.  I am going to a resilience class this afternoon and heading to running club from there.   It is currently 90 degrees with a heat index making it feel like 99.  I haven’t faced the giant hills of the running club path in three weeks.  Today will not be good.  But I can going to do it, even if I am slower than I was the last time around.  A setback and slip doesn’t meet that you’re done.

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