I Did It (Kinda)

I left Resilience class and raced to Providence for Running Club.  I still giggle that they call this an “Easy Run.”  For me, no run is easy.  I know I will get there; I’m just not there yet.

Usually, there is a post on our Facebook group inquiring about who is coming to the run.  There was no post today.  When I arrived (a few minutes late thanks to rush-hour traffic), I recognized no one.  They were just about to start the warm-up stretches.  I wanted to leave.  It took everything in my power not to leave.  I was in a  group with the “real runners.”  Just as I was about the sneak out, I spotted two of the BRG pacers.  Both greeted me with hugs and kisses.  I confessed that I panicked when I didn’t recognize anyone and almost snuck out.  They promised to keep with me.  One of the pacers is recovering an injury and just received to okay to run again.  She is doing one-minute walk/run intervals.  I offered to join her, ignoring her concern that I would be held back. This was far from the case.

Last evening, it was 94 degrees.  It was humid.  Our run began at the bottom of a monstrous hill.  I had run twice in the past two weeks.  I have never run in heat like that.  But I ran! (Well, I walked/ran.)  I didn’t want to.  I was nervous and embarrassed and scared.  I wasn’t fast, but I did it!  Each time I face a fear and step outside of my comfort zone, I become stronger.

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