To Share or Not to Share…

This past weekend, I attended my local WordCamp, a conference geared towards learning more about WordPress.  As a beginner, this was so helpful!  I learned about Plugins, which I knew nothing about and was too scared to explore for fear of messing up my site.  A session about steps for maintaining your site was super helpful! I learned about data analysis, which was fascinating although non-applicable to me and my personal blog.  Since starting on the Summit Learning Platform, I have become a huge data junkie!  WordCamp’s session on data stories informed me that I don’t know what I don’t know.  There are plugins that allow you to see whether readers are viewing your site from a mobile or desktop device.  Going further, you can see which mobile device readers are using to access your site, which would prove useful if you are a higher end company looking to attract customers with enough spending cash to afford the iPhone X. The information was fascinating and understandably helpful to people using their sites to generate sales.

After leaving the sessions, I looked at what comparably little data my personal blog provides.  While doing this, I decided to set up a Facebook page for my blog.  Posts automatically update to the Facebook page.  (Can I brag that I got it to work first try?  Maybe that just says how easy WordPress is to use.) I’ve been writing for about three months and haven’t really told anyone I’m doing so.  I haven’t publicized my writing at all, fearful that I didn’t really have something new to say or contribute.  That same nervousness prevents me from calling myself a “runner”  also makes me hesitant to call myself a “writer.”

As months go by, writing has become a priority.  Like spending time with Mike and Liam, working out, and reading, writing is something I make sure to include in my schedule.  At the beginning of each week, I schedule my workouts; I am now doing the same for writing.  Writing forces me to examine the most important things that are taking up space in my mind.  Sorting them out helps my anxiety.  I’ve written several things that never see the “Publish” button.  Just the motion of typing out thoughts is cathartic.

I am left wondering how follow bloggers made the decision to share their work.  Was it the intention all along?  Did they invite a few people here and there along the way?  Does knowing friends and family are reading sensor what they write?  I have mine set up to share with people I know when I am ready.  I’m assuming the universe will let me know when the time is right.

2 thoughts on “To Share or Not to Share…

  1. Such good questions! I haven’t talked about my blog unless someone asks. I’ve found that when my friends find out i blog, they might check it out but they dont read it regularly. 😊


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