Why I Refuse to Replace My Old Glasses and Towels

One of the first signs signifying a serious relationship between Mike and me came when his mother gave us a few pieces of Fiestaware.  I’d expressed interest in colorful tableware.  Her purchasing us a chip and dip platter and a bread plate signified that this was a relationship headed towards bigger steps.  A year later, we were engaged and received several more pieces of brightly colored Fiestaware as wedding gifts.   I love mixing the bright colors.

I bought a few pieces that I loved when I found them on sale, my favorite being striped tumblers. Until this point, our glassware consisted of cups my mother in law gave us and pint glasses scored from local bars.  For some reason, the tumblers made everything feel put together. They match our dining room’s antique metal table and Norman Rockwell “Rookie” print.

As the years go by, these tumblers have seen a lot of love.  The original eight have dwindled to six faded, paint chipped glasses.  Mike mentioned that it might be time to buy new ones.  He’s said the same thing about our faded, fraying towels. Last weekend, we entertained.  As I took out the glasses, I felt the need to explain why I keep them, knowing that my friend didn’t care or judge my old cups.

My old cups and towels signify a life well lived.  I used those cups the morning of our wedding and late to drink bubble water to quell my morning sickness.  My mom drank from those cups when she last visited.  The towels, which no longer match our newly painted bathroom, were used when Liam was a baby.  The same towels that barely comes to his knees when he wraps them around his shoulders used to swaddle his entire body.  Just as I have earned my laugh lines, the towels and glasses have earned their fading and wear.  They signify that Mike and I created this blessed life together.  I love that we have lived in this home long enough to wear things out.  Seeing these paint chipped glasses reminds me that we have been through so much in the ten plus years in this house.  While I may replace the cups that have broken, I don’t see myself replacing the remaining glasses.

3 thoughts on “Why I Refuse to Replace My Old Glasses and Towels

  1. This is beautiful – i love the sentimentality. The glasses and towels have so much value because of what they represent. I hope we’ll feel the same about our home and the things we’ve hung onto in 10 years too! 😊

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