Can We Get Back to Running, Please?

Kudos to anyone who gets my Hamilton reference!

Last week, I pondered what makes me back off, slow down, or let go.  Do I do these things when I absolutely have to or am I giving up too soon?  When I drop from the monkey bars, could I go reach for one more bar or am I just letting go and dropping to the ground because the task is difficult?  How do I know when to let up? I pushed through the discomfort last week while working on the monkey bars and was able to reach two more bars.  That seemed like evidence that I should push myself in the following day’s 5K.

During Wednesday’s monthly 5K, I pushed myself in the beginning.  I can keep going, I told myself.  This lead to horrible burnout and my slowest time in weeks.  My third mile was over a minute slower than my first.  My plan to challenge myself backfired.

We had a busy weekend with horribly cold, rainy weather.  I didn’t get out to run.  Tuesday and Wedsenday had other afterschool responsibilities, so I did not get to the Boulevard.  My bag is packed and I am ready to head over after school today.

In adapting to the Summit Learning Platform, I’ve worked a lot with my students on perseverance and growth mindset.  This research carried over into parenting.  Now, it carries on to me.  How do I challenge myself?  How do I respond to setbacks?  I see progress in yoga and weightlifting (180-pound deadlift!!!); what is my plan for making progress in running?  I’ve been stuck at 12:30 pace for weeks.  I want to see improvement before the Monster Dash at the end of the month.  The first thing I need to do is up my practice.  Next week’s schedule is free of meetings and obligations.  I can head out twice after school.

I’ve managed to continue running after completing BRG.  I’ve managed to create a schedule adapting to summer and the start of a new school year.  Soon, I will need to manage through cooling temperatures and shorter days.  For now, I need to continue to challenge myself and reach the next round of goals.

2 thoughts on “Can We Get Back to Running, Please?

  1. I love a good challenge! I always find it easier to challenge a friend though instead of just myself. I give up easily on myself. My friend and I challenge each other with something on a pretty regular basis and I find it gets me motivated. Not because I want to win – she actually wins most of the time. But when I am in challenge mode, I will see see how far I can go when pushed. Keep going! Let me know if you ever want to challenge. šŸ˜‰

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