Itching to Run and Recover From a Less Than Perfect Run

Thursday’s run began with the best of intentions.  I walked a bit further to the very start of the Boulevard to try to make it past my three-mile hurdle.  My phone was fully charged.  I remembered to pack a smoothie so my sugar wouldn’t drop mid-workout.  I was three days out from my last weightlifting session so my muscles weren’t sore.  I was ready!

And that’s when the best-laid plans fell apart.  I almost immediately regretted my decision to not bring my sunglasses.  I forgot my water in the car.  My new headphones vibrated, making a bumping sound in my ear at every step.  (I tried new ones because my iPhone earbuds fall out when I sweat.)

There were many excuses I could’ve used to quit.  In spite of them, I kept going.  At the turnaround, there was a beautiful butterfly sitting on a flower.  Since summer is dwindling, it seemed important to stop for a picture.  I paused my workout on the Fitbit app and began taking pictures.  A bumble showed up and perched itself on another pedal.  Obviously, this required more pictures!  All I could think of was the “Bunny and Kitten” song from Kimmy Schmidt.  This is unapologetically cheesy, but it made me happy.  It was only when I finished snapping pictures that I realized my Fitbit hadn’t paused, factoring forty-five seconds of idleness into my pace.  I know it shouldn’t matter, but since I’ve been trying to build my pace, it was a big ole’ kick in the pants.

In spite of my phone thinking I’m running slow, I decided to continue my pace and finish.  This is when the blister began.  I received a free pair of expensive running socks when I finished BRG.  They were not supposed to go into the dryer.  I dug them out of the washer for a while, letting them dry on the shelf.  After accidentally going through the dryer a few times and being “fine,” I started putting them there on purpose.  It caught up with my feet.  I made it just over the three-mile mark.  As soon as I took off my sneaker and saw the red marks trying to form a blister, I was thankful I trusted my gut and stopped. All of the little signs I decided to work through led to a clear warning to stop running.

That brings us to today.  This past weekend was rainy and windy, thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Nate.  During the one nicer morning, Liam and I completed the Color Run, which for us was pretty much the Color Walk.  We did it and I love that he and I have something we enjoy doing together.  Sunday and Monday brought hard rain and strong winds, creating less than desirable running conditions.  We managed to get out for a quick walk yesterday morning, wearing our water shoes and raincoats.

Today is supposed to be warm, almost hot with temperatures in the upper 80’s.  Liam will stay at the afterschool program so I can complete my four-mile run.  After I pick him up, I promised a bike ride to our favorite little beach up the street from our house.  I’m thankful that my schedule allows me to create time for my workouts.  I’m thankful for the bits of Indian Summer gifted to New Englanders in the fall.  I’m thankful that I’ve learned that it is okay to have a less than perfect run; the important think is running and making progress.

2 thoughts on “Itching to Run and Recover From a Less Than Perfect Run

  1. Forgetting sunglasses is like a deal breaker for me lol, i probably would have turned around at that point haha 😁 oh and have you tried in-ear earbuds? I use the jaybird freedoms for running, and they don’t budge! πŸ‘


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