Run if You Can, Otherwise Walk

This weekend, we are going to set up our Christmas tree and bring out the decorations.  Mike and I are not anticipating taking out Outlaw’s stocking.  Even four months after losing him, we miss him daily.  One of the biggest things I miss is our walks.  We walked Outtie twice a day.  Liam and I took him on his morning walks.  My favorite things about those walks were the twenty minutes of uninterrupted conversation.  I do not consider myself a bad parent or wife, but how often do we honestly get that much time with our child or spouse to just talk?  Too often, we find ourselves making lunches or putting away dishes or some other form of multitasking.

This week, Liam and I began going for walks in the morning on our own.  I love having the time to talk to him!  I love getting a glimpse of how he sees the world.  He stopped to pick up and show me a giant leaf, then put it back on the ground so “someone else can enjoy it.”  Today, he enjoyed his new gloves that he picked out at Target last night, talking about the skeleton fingers on them and wishing for a cold Halloween so he can wear them then.  I love these small little conversations.  We never solve the world’s problems, but I hope that Liam has fond memories of these walks.


If we are unable to walk in the morning, we walk in the evening, sometimes taking Mike with us.  Evening walks, while challenging to ensure being seen in the early darkness, are enjoyable with the manageable chill and many Christmas displays.  Our neighborhood is quite festive; most houses usually decorate for the holidays.  We love going for walks through the neighborhood and admiring lights.

While I know that the colder weather is going to make it much more difficult to get out and run, I’m content getting in my walks.  Yesterday, I parked my car at Liam’s school and managed a quick run before walking in to pick him up after school.  As much as I love the Boulevard, it was nice to have a change of scenery.   I live close to the airport; on Thursdays, the Army’s C-120s practice touch and goes.  The sun felt exceptionally warm, reminding me that the warmer days in New England are numbered.

One “perk” of living near the airport is knowing the schedule of certain planes and being able to identify them in the air by sound alone! 
Enjoying the warm sun on a chilly day!


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