One Half-Marathon is Terrifying; Let’s Sign Up for Another!

On Black Friday, I signed up for a half-marathon.  Since then, I have been reading training plans and trying not to panic.  Since I run two to three times a week, experts assume I can prepare for the half in twelve weeks, completing two shorter runs during the week and one longer run on the weekends, increasing my distance gradually.  Since the half marathon is June 8, I should be able to really focus on training beginning in April and be fine by race day.

When I run on my own, I usually stay at a twelve-minute pace.  When running a race, I’ve been aiming to finish at an eleven-minute pace.  Incorporating extra time for extra distance, I was hoping to complete the half in three hours. However, Jeff Galloway, the expert on walk/run training, suggests that your goal for your first half marathon should be to finish at all.  After completing your first, then you can think about setting time goals.  Pinterest provided a convenient guide for converting race times into other distances.  Based on my recent 5K times, I should be able to finish the half in under three hours.

The Newport Half Marathon is October 8, four months after the first half-marathon.  This race gives me plenty of time to recover from the first one and prepare for the second one.  I am going to sign up for this one before prices increase in January and before I chicken out and change my mind.

Parenting and teaching give me a soft spot for growth.  I love seeing growth!  Nothing validates hard work quite like seeing improvement.  I really think that giving myself an extra opportunity to complete a half and reflect on achieving that three-hour goal will keep me motivated.  While I am terrified of completing even one half-marathon, I love the idea of facing my fears and finishing one, reflecting on the experience, and coming back stronger for a second one.

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