Staying Awake

I stayed awake until midnight! Not only did we stay awake, we stayed away at our neighbors’ house!

We are blessed with amazing neighbors!  We were so naive when purchasing the house.  We only looked at the house we were interested in buying, ignoring the houses around it.  (I’d like to think that if were anything totally suspicious to see, our eyes would have caught it.) We managed to get friendly, welcoming neighbors.  They’ve all become great friends of ours.  For the past few years, one house has hosted New Year’s Eve.  For lame parents like us, it is a perfect setup.  We can walk over and be social, but be home in our PJs by 9:00.  We went over fully expecting to follow that trend.

After talking, laughing, and eating for awhile, a few of us began yawning.  I looked at my watch to see that is was 11:00!  I was asleep last year at that time!  I seemed silly to pack up at that point; we were staying out and up! When we reached the one minute mark, my heart dropped for a minute, preparing myself for the fact that my mom was not going to call me in two minutes.  I was surrounded by friends, realizing I would be fine.

Liam loved the idea of staying awake.  He was excited to watch the ball drop and follow ed the adults’ lead, hugging his own friends and wishing them a happy new year.

For months, my friends have been telling me about a boot camp class offered by a gentleman who has been on American Ninja Warrior.  They giggle as they talk about how overwhelmed they were in their first class.  I have been nervously intrigued by this class.  After my panic attack inducing experience with my last new class, I was careful not to work myself up about this one.  Last night, I was finally able to give it a try! The class was fantastic! It was challenging but manageable! The class started with a reasonable warm-up. Being able to keep up reminded me that my body is changing and growing stronger. It was set up in rotating stations. While your partner was completing the exercise, you had to plank.  I am great with weights but terrible with body-weight exercises.  However, I am strong enough to hold planks.  When I woke up this morning, I immediately felt that I worked hard last night.  I’m so glad that I went!  Fabio kept the class interesting.  The fellow attendees were friendly and welcoming.  I will definitely attend again!

Ten years ago, most of my time spent with friends involved sitting around, eating and drinking.  I am beyond thankful for friends who push me to try new things, get out of my comfort zone, and make myself better.  Some of my favorite time spent with them involve running, hiking, practicing yoga, and lifting weights.  I am excited and nervous to reach the goals we’ve set for ourselves this year!  We have some big goals for the upcoming year; I’m looking forward to a lot of celebrations!

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