Venturing Out on My Own

I have not been running as much as I’d like.  Liam and I are working on a bike-riding/ running team up.  He and I have been attending classes at the same studio.  He takes “ninja skills” while I take adult strength based classes.  Sunday, after a weekend of camping and indulging in s’mores and grilled meat, I went for a quick run near my house.  I am thankful for so many beautiful paths nearby.  This may become my favorite place to run.  For my solo adventures, I’ve been running around my neighborhood.  This path is about ten minutes from my house and worth the trip.  Another reason I like it is that it is open and safe.  It is usually populated without being crowded.  I am still trying to find my groove when it comes to running solo. I am happy that I ventured out and tried a new place.  I’d like to make this a habit.

My running club is offering their free monthly 5k tonight. I haven’t run that far in a few weeks.  I am curious to see if I am still able to keep my time under 40 minutes.  (This is why I am only an okay runner.)  It is not going to be as hot as it was last week so I won’t have weather working against me. I need to keep reminding myself that I am stronger than I was when I started.  I am thankful to have a group of people who keep me accountable and supported.  My goal is to be able to complete a 5k in 35 minutes.  I know I will get there.

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