Guess What I Did?

I ran for three miles… in a row!

The last time I ran the 5k fun run, I kept my goal time but had to stop and walk twice, even if only for a minute.  During Sunday’s solo run, I ran a mile straight, stopping to take pictures halfway.    For this run, I decided that I would try my best not to slow down during my run, even if it meant going slower.

One of my favorite parts of this journey are the people I’ve met who have supported me throughout my running adventures.  Running with friends makes it much more enjoyable.  I’ve enjoyed celebrating successes, sharing stories, and pushing each other.  There have been days that I did not at all feel like running.  Because I knew I had friends waiting for me, I went.  Sometimes, I was glad when I got there.  Other times, I pushed through.

After the Gaspee Days 5k, I was happy that I only stopped to walk twice and met my goal time.  Never did I think I would be running that distance without stopping!

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