Monster Dash (and how much I missed running with a crew!)

While BRG was an amazing, life-changing experience, it was a commitment that required the support of my family.  For those fourteen weeks, Mike, Liam, and I were on auto-pilot.  On Mondays, Mike relieved me at Liam’s ninja skills class so I could make it to Providence for 6:00.  Thursdays were a little less challenging, but we just exchanged a kiss as he walked in the house and I rushed out the door.  I was also doing my usual Tuesday yoga class and taking a course at Bryant.  It was a busy spring!  When people ask how I have time to work out, I give Mike a lot of credit for being fine with his wife being out of the house a few nights a week.  Being a fantastic team, we made it work.

Since finishing BRG, most of my runs have been solo.  I was heading to Rhode Runner for their Wednesday evening runs but fell out of the habit.  (Mental note: get your butt back to Rhode Runner on Wednesdays.) Each Sunday, I look at the weather forecast and map out the afternoons best for running.  The night before, I pack my running clothes in what has become my running bag and place it next to my school bag.  After school, I change my clothes and head for the Boulevard.  I am able to beat the worst of downtown traffic, pick Liam up from school, and still make it home before Mike. These runs are peaceful but sometimes lonely.

After a few months of mostly solo runs, I’ve been fortunate to participate in two races in two weeks.  I forgot how encouraging it was to run with a group!  I enjoyed chatting with others and the energy of races.  I loved running with a thousand other people.  Because I wore my Rhode Runner shirt, others in the community cheered for me as we passed.  Being part of the group is such a supportive motivator!

This weekend’s Monster Dash was a lot of fun!  The course was set in beautiful downtown Providence. People were very much in the Halloween spirit and dressed up.  It’s amazing to think that people run in elaborate costumes and face makeup, but they manage to make it look easy.   The highlight of the course is getting to run through the tunnel usually only used by city buses.  It was a dark and spooky with people dressed as zombies trying to scare you.

I should have slowed down to capture a clearer picture of the tunnel


Because I wasn’t feeling great that morning, my hopes weren’t high that I would even beat my last 5K time.  Maybe it was the clean, rainy weather, but I managed to PR!  I’ve shaved five and a half minutes off of my 5K time since April!

Liam and I signed up for many races this fall.  While they’re not overly expensive, the cost adds up.  After Monster Dash, I decided not to sign up for any races until next spring.  After going a few months without running with a group, I forgot how important it is to give and receive support.  My BRG companions, who only a few months ago could not run for four minutes without feeling like their lungs and legs would give out, are getting stronger and faster.  Although I am happy that I am continuing to run and make progress during solo runs, it is nice to have a supportive group to cheer you on at a race!

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